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The Bureau

The Bureau is a full service cannabis packaging company with extensive expertise in product development, design, sourcing, and production. We have a fully developed line of custom tooled ASTM Child Resistant products and well-nurtured relationships with manufacturers all over the world. We work alongside our clients in sourcing and developing packaging solutions from scratch based on their needs. The Bureau offers one of the most comprehensive packaging product lines in the industry, with essentially every product being fully customizable.

A Cannabis & Psychedelic Niche

In association with Green Flower Media – a leading educational platform. The Plug is an accredited entity and a founding member of Green Flower Media. We are utilizing our continuing education opportunities in the space to properly influence the insurance market to provide traditional risk financing solutions at a fair cost to all our clients.

The National Alliance

For over five decades, The National Alliance has set the standard for quality, practical continuing education and for delivering what insurance and risk management practitioners want. Over 150,000 respected professionals, across the U.S. and worldwide, have used and continue to The National Alliance programs as the foundation upon which they build their successful careers and businesses.

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